Student Union

The college has a student council consisting of 22 students. The election of students' council was held on Feb. 14, 2013. There are no students from Science Stream. There are 02 students from Arts stream, 17 from Vocational Courses & 03 from Commerce stream. They bring various problems and suggestions from the student community before the college management. It also organizes student centric activities and is funded by college management. The composition of Students' Union in the college is

Sl. no Name Years Designation
1. Sri Shashi Kumar B.Com. II Yr President
2. Sri Deepak Kumar Singh BCA II Yr   Vice President
3. Sri Aakash Kumar BCA II Yr Secretary
4. Ritika Kumari MBA Ist Sem      Joint Secretary
5. Sri Prakash Kumar BCA II Yr   Treasurer
6. Sri Deepak Kumar MBA Ist Sem      University Representative
7. Priya Kumari B.Com. I Yr         University Representative
8. Sri Prakash Kumar B.Sc. Biotech II Yr University Representative
9. Sri Abhishek Raj B.Com. II Yr University Representative
10. Sri Abhishek Kumar B.Sc. (IT) III Yr    University Representative
11. Sri Gaurav Kumar BCA I Yr Class Representative
12. Sri Pankaj Kumar BCA II Yr Class Representative
13. Sri Deepak Kumar BCA III Yr Class Representative
14. Sri Manish Kumar B.A. I Yr Class Representative
15. Sri Purushottam Kumar B.A. II Yr Class Representative
16. Sri Himanshu Kumar BLIS Class Representative
17. Sri Anand Vibhushit BBM I Yr Class Representative
18. Sri Abhinav Kumar B.Sc. (IT) II Yr    Class Representative
19. Sri Chandan Kumar Singh B.Sc. (IT) III Yr Class Representative
20. Sri Vishnukant Pandey MCA I Sem Class Representative
21. Sri Abhishek Sinha MCA III Sem Class Representative
22. Vijaya Raj Laxmi MBA I Sem Class Representative

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