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1. Shri.Sudip Kumar H.O.D,Maths Curriculum Aspect +91-7677405386 sudipkumarsudip@gmail.com
2. Dr.Rajeev Ranjan H.O.D  ,B.Ed. Teaching, Learning And Evalution +91-9431447408
3. Shri. S.N. Narayan Singh H.O.D  ,Pharmacy Reserch Ivvovation and Extension +91-8789983928
4. Shri. Bhushan Kumar Singh Asst. Prof.   B.Ed. Infrastructure and Learning Resource +91-9122484291
5. Shri. Anoop Kumar Asst. Prof.   Deptt. of Hindi Students Support and progression +91-7045018163 anooppacademic@gmail.com
6. Shri.Om Praksh Singh Asst. Prof.   Deptt. of Geography Goverance,leadership and management +91-9430802590
7. Dr.Sanjeev Ranjan Institutional value and beat practices +91-9771778162

Internal Quality Assurance Cell

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the College works as the think - tank of the college. It chalks out the yearly plans and programmes as guidelines to channelize the campus activity. These suggestions are put to the College (consisting of heads of all departments, staff) on getting them approved; these plans are discussed and worked out in the general staff-meeting. The IQAC aims at benchmarking quality and taking measures to enhance and sustain quality, involving all stake holders. .To makes the functioning of IQAC more effective and progressive. The prime tasks of the IQAC are:

  • To develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the overall performance of institution.
  • To channelize all efforts and measures of the institution towards promoting its holistic academic excellence.
Following are the Members of the IQAC Cell.:-
1. Dr. Sudhir Kumar Mishra Chairperson
2. Dr. Syed Mohamad Quasim. Director/Co-Ordinator
3. Dr.Devendra Prasad Singh Member
4. Dr.Rajeev Ranjan Member
5. Er. Raj Kumar Patel (Deputy Co-Ordinator)
7. Mr.Shashi Bhushan Singh Member
8. Mr. Bahadur Bhim kumar Singh Member
9. Miss. Niharika Kumari Member
10. Mr.santosh Suman Member
11. Dr. Shweta Goel Member
12. Mr. Mashood Alam Member
13. Mr. Anup Kumar Member
14. Smt. Khooshbhu Mahiwal Member
15. Dr. Shushil Singh Member
16. Sri Ravindra Kumar Singh Member
17. SriAshok Kumar Singh Member
18. Mr.Diwakar Kumar Member

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